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Terms and Conditions

The reservation is free and confirmed, if you do not show up within 2 hours after the scheduled date of the reservation, the reservation will be cancelled.

All Motorcycles, equipment and derivatives of the rental service are owned by the company Vivemadeira (FVA MOTORS LDA).

The company reserves the right to condition and change reservations and prices according the season, local rules and internal policies.

1. Minimum period of rent

Minium 1 days. Extra hour will be charged a one day.

2. Drivers License and personal documentation

Documents required to drive a motorcycle, valid in Portugal.

The driving license must be the same as your country of residence.

The driving license must be presented in physical form and with an updated expiration date.

3. Drivers age

Minimum 21 years old. if you don't have a motorcycle license, you can ride a 125 with a minimum age of 25 and a car driving license.

4. Petrol

Responsibility of the client. Return on the same level. In case of petrol mistake customer assumes concert case of fuel changes, up to 250 euros may be charged.

5. Insurance

The rental price includes:
Public Liability, and rider.

It is the responsibility of the client, damages caused to third parties and in the rented vehicle whenever:
Motorcycle rental is conducted by the unauthorized person FVAMotors, lda.

Injury caused intentionally by the customer or by the person responsible.

Driving through the effects of alcohol, narcotics, toxic products or by dementia.

Used in sporting events, races, challenges, contests, betting, accident and FVAMotors, lda is not informed as soon as possible, in the absence of late communication or communication, the client will be responsible to indemnify FVAMotors, lda for all expenses resulting therefrom.

In case of accident the customer will be responsible for the maximum amount of the deposit. betwen 300 and 1500 euros depends of the motorcycle.

6. Delivery / Drop Off / Displacement / Extension

The vehicle must be delivered under the conditions it received.

Reservations made for delivery outside the store must be made at least 24 hours in advance

You will be met in the airport (motorcycle parking place) at the meeting point where a representative from Vivemadeira will be holding a name board. You will then be taken to collect .the airport delivery and collection fee has a total cost of 16 euros between 8 am and 19 pm. between 19 and 23 an additional amount of 20 euros will be added.We will only take the motorcycle and helmets, other equipment must be picked up at Main office. 

For deliveries to hotels less than 12 km away from our main office the delivery is free when booking for more than 2 days.

7. Porto Santo

Departures to Porto Santos are subject to the permission of FVAMotors, lda being signaled in the current agreement.

An unauthorized exit the customer will be penalized with a fine of 150 euros.

8. Fines

It is the responsibility of the customer, except in cases where it originates in the motorcycle itself or in the behavior of the lessor.

9. Moto capacity

It is not allowed to exceed the capacity of the motorcycle.

10. Accidents

In case of an accident you should:
Contact the authorities (PSP).
Call the ambulance if injured.
Contact FVAMotors, lda.
Fill out the friendly statement, and get the data of those involved correctly.

11. Break down

In case of malfunctions you should contact FVAMotors, lda as soon as possible, as well as travel assistance and provide the necessary data correctly as requested.

FVAMotors, lda will not be responsible for lost time or commitments due to the customer having suffered an accident or breakdown on the motorcycle.

12. Documents / Tools / vest

The motorcycle documents must always remain with the motorcycle.

In case of loss during the rental period the renter will be given as responsible and will have to pay 250 euros as a compensatory form.

The lessee will also be responsible for any fines or fines and for lack of documents on the motorcycle.

Disappearance of tools and vest will be the responsibility of the renter, being charged a fee of 50 euros.

13. Judicial Responsability

Le prix de la location comprend:

Responsabilité civile publique et pour le pilote. Il incombe au client, les dommages causés aux tiers et au véhicule loué dans les cas suivants :

La location de moto est effectuée par une personne non autorisée par FVAMotors, lda.

Blessure intentionnellement causée par le client ou par la personne responsable.

Conduite sous l'influence de l'alcool, de stupéfiants, de produits toxiques ou par démence.

Utilisation dans des événements sportifs, des courses, des défis, des concours, des paris, des accidents et si FVAMotors, lda n'est pas informé dès que possible. En l'absence de communication tardive ou de communication, le client sera responsable d'indemniser FVAMotors, lda pour tous les frais qui en découlent. En cas d'accident, le client sera responsable du montant maximum de la caution, entre 300 et 1500 euros selon la moto.