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Guided Motorcycle Tours

Vivemadeira allow you and your party to truly enjoy touring Madeira Island in style.

On Arrival Day we'll greet you at the airport, providing transport for you and your party towards your accommodation. On the scheduled Tour day after a small safety briefing we will present you to your ride, supplying all selected gear. In our Tours we will be visiting amazing places as well, experiencing delicious regional specialties served in local restaurants carefully chosen for you, adding flavor to your experience with Vivemadeira.

Our knowledgeable and friendly guides are highly committed to ensuring your needs are cared for, all team is excited to have you on board in this fantastic experience, we will take you and your party in a truly lifetime experience.

Groups trips and several motorcycles, please contact us at: or WhatsApp +351 936377587

Awesome Ride Vivemadeira

Madeira is situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, close to the African coasts making this island a paradise on Earth with subtropical climate, with maximum temperatures of 32º in Summer and minimum of 16º in Winter time, our sea temperature is all year around between 18º - 21º inviting you and your party for a refreshing swim in our picturesque sea shores where you can swim in our mesmerizing natural volcanic pools.

The so-called pearl of the Atlantic is a small island, full of wilderness and winding roads, a rollercoaster of sights, memories and emotions, which makes an exotic ride in a beautiful paradise for those enthusiasts who love to ride a motorcycle.

Discover our awarded Laurissilva, rests in view points, explore hidden spots where you can escalate from seashore to the mountain in less than 20 min. Take advantage of the many waterfalls, feel nature with unforgettable landscapes, while riding you can feel the scent of our Laurissilva and forests with abundant eucalyptus and other exotic fauna, where our team will take you and your party to the grandeur that Madeira Has to offer.

Let us show you what we are talking about!

Tours 3 Days Vivemadeira

3 Days

Languages tours in Madeira Island Vivemadeira

Spanish, English, Portuguese

Difficulty tours in Madeira Island Vivemadeira


Technical support tours Vivemadeira


Number of persons per tours Vivemadeira

3 Minimum

Include information tours Vivemadeira


Southeast & Northen Wonders Tours

  • Vivemadeira
  • Vivemadeira

Vivemadeira presents our Southeast and North wonders Tour, our first day starts off from the reception area of your hotel at about 9h00 duration 8h. We make our way to southeast of the island from Funchal. The first stop is at the cliffs of Garajau where we stop to see the statue of Christ, some fantastic views from up there towards Funchal Bay.

We then make our way to the village of Santa Cruz, followed by a visit to Machico the very first village in Madeira. We then make our way to the most eastern peninsular, Baia de Abra where we will stop at two different viewpoints and we can see Ponta de São Lourenço in Caniçal, where the views are absolutely magical. From up here you can see the north and the south part of the island as well as Porto Santo and Desert Islands. We then make our way up and along the coast to Porto da Cruz. On this viewpoint you get some splendid views of the north coast especially over Porto da Cruz and the Eagles Rock which stands 580 meters high here you will have the possibility of visiting the “Northern Milling Company” for its sugar cane rum production, which is not always in time of the harvest or fermentation but still you can see all the procedure and history of one of the most important mills of the island.

Our next stop is Santana with its typical emblematic straw-roofed houses. There are people that to this day live in these type of houses. For those garden lovers you will find a wide variety of flowers on display right throughout the year. Next we stop in Faial where we normally stop for lunch. Lunch is at a restaurant called Grutas do Faial which means the caves of Faial. The restaurant is built into a rock and is described by all visitors as the highlight of the east tour.

After lunch we take the most scenic route in Madeira, driving through the Laurissilva forest to Ribeiro Frio. Here we could stop to do an optional short levada walk to the Balcões. We recommend that everyone tries this one out as it is a flat an easy walk to one of the most amazing views on the island. From here we carry on the scenic drive up the second highest peak on the island Pico do Arieiro (1818m). If you lucky you will be able to view a sea of clouds below and a clear blue sky above.

Our last stop on this east tour, before we descent down to Santo de Serra where we visit the market. At the end of the our east tour we make our way back down to Funchal via Gaula and Santa Cruz towards your hotel.

Southwest & North Coast Tour

  • Vivemadeira
  • Vivemadeira

Vivemadeira invite you to our Southwest & North Coast Tour, second day starts off from the reception area of your hotel 9h00 duration of 8h. The first stop will be at the fishing village of Câmara de Lobos. This typical fishing village, which is about 5 km outside of Funchal, is named after the Mediterranean Monk Seals. This picturesque village with its beautiful bay attracted the likes of Winston Churchill that spent his time painting the beautiful surroundings. Câmara de Lobos is also famous for its ‘poncha’, a mixture of lemon or orange juice, honey and sugarcane spirit, available at the many of its local taverns. Next we make our way to the highest sea cliff in Europe Cabo Girão. This absolutely amazing sea cliff which is the highest in Europe and second highest in the world (589m), will present you with breathtaking panoramic views, in a heartless glass balcony floor.

Our next stop on this west tour is Ribeira Brava. This was one of the first parishes of the island and its name came from the wild (Brava) river (Ribeira) that flow in this area when the rain falls heavily. We then make our way to Ponta do Sol, Calheta and then towards Jardim do Mar.

We visited several small villages with different peculiarities. We will always travel by the sea. It is the zone of Paul do Mar where we will climb a spectacular and curvy road towards Ponta do Pargo. Leaving from the Ponta do Pargo Headlight House we will ride towards Porto Moniz where are the famous natural sea water pools of the island of Madeira.

Our next stop is the village of Porto Moniz, which is famous for its series of natural volcanic pools created by reefs in the coastal lava rocks. These clear shallow pools surrounded by volcanic rocks are great for swimming, and attract both locals and tourists alike. Depending on the weather and the time of the year we stop here for lunch. The other alternative is our next stop Seixal. We go along this north coast with the narrow twisting road which is simply spectacular with the most fascinating scenery coming both from its hanging cliffs and from the energetic ocean crashing against the rocks below. There is a beautiful black sand beach where you could also swim.

After lunch we make our way to São Vincent, which is one of the most predominant villages of the northern coast of Madeira island. The volcanic caves which are a popular touristic attraction can be found here. Next we head south, up through the deep, green and narrow valleys of Encumeada and Serra de Agua, before making our way back to your hotel in Funchal.

Nun's Valley Our Historic Tour

  • Vivemadeira
  • Vivemadeira

The Nun´s Valley our Historic Tour starts off from the reception area at 9h00, duration 8h. In this last day of your journey we will visit Funchal city the historical center, and the center of the island which is called as Nun´s Valley . We will take you to the highest road on a fast uphill slope. We will visit one of the highest plateau Paul da Serra ( 1400 mtrs), after Funchal visit we  make our way up to Picos dos Barcelos where we make a short stop to enjoy one of the best views over Funchal. This view point is found at an altitude of 335m, between Stº Antonio and Stº Martinho.

We then make our way to Nuns Valley or Curral das Freiras, which is a small village nestled at the foot of a deep basin, surrounded by the rugged peaks of the surrounding mountains. Since Madeira is a volcanic island, this is regarded as the mouth of the volcano and hence the amazing surroundings. Once only accessible by foot (or donkey!) Nuns’ Valley can now be reached by road, although the village still remains fairly isolated.

The village of the Nuns’ Valley sits in a deep ravine, thought to have been caused either by gradual erosion, or volcanic activity. Dating back to the 16th century, the village was apparently formed in 1566 when nuns from the Santa Clara convent in Funchal arrived here seeking refuge, having fled from attacking pirates. The view from the top at Eira do Serrado is simply breath taking as is the the road leading there. We stay here for lunch absorbing the wonderful sites that are bestowed upon us. We then make our way down into the beautiful village where we get the chance to enjoy the views from the bottom upwards.

Then we descend towards Ribeira Brava to reach the amazing uphill Encumeada direction to Bica da Cana in Paul da Serra special place when the weather permits to overlook in the plateau all sea shore and the high mountains and where we ride to Fanal where we visited the lagoon that seems to be out of a movie by the centenary trees. Crossing this wonderful road we finish our trip in direction to Ribeira da Janela , São Vicente we make a small final stop for a for a deserved coffee or traditional drink and appreciate the last 3 days in this outstanding experience, then we make our way to Ribeira Brava and Funchal and finish this amazing journey full off wonderful memories.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the price?
  • Tour Leader
  • Hotels, Breakfast, Dinners
  • Gear for driver (Gloves, Jacket, Helmet)
  • Motorcycle rental and insurance coverages (CDW) up to 660cc
  • Daily tour description and map booklet
  • Airport Transfer (first and last day when pre-booked and pre-paid) Lunch & non alcoholic drinks
  • A wonderful journey, amazing experience, memories of a life time. #vivemadeira
What is the price for 3 full days Tour?
  • The price can change a lot depending on the time of year, type of hotels and number of motorcycles.
  • Important: all tours are subject to availability, weather conditions and road conditions apply. All tours, order of the trips, stops, meals can be altered without previous notice due to this restrictions.
What is not included?
  • Fuel
  • Lunch meals 
  • “À la carte”orders
  • Passenger gear and meals there is an extra cost 145 EUR (3 days)
  • We will select the hotel depending on the customer's requirements, we have a wide range of hotels from 3 to 5 stars
Is there any discount for Groups?
  • Yes
  • When you book 4 motorcycles we offer 5% discount - More than 5 motorcycles 10% discount
What we eat and drink?

We select the most typical and tasty food of our island. For vegetarian or for a client with a special diet please advise us by email your safe list in advance 48h to

  • Espetada (skewered beef meat grilled on our typical barbecue)
  • Espada (black sword fish, typical deep sea fish from Madeira)
  • Polvo e lapas (octopus and grilled limpets)
  • Non alcoholic drinks are included in lunch and along the journey.


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